Crown Flour Angels (CFA) is a women community building initiative of Crown Flour Mill Ltd (CFM). It was born out of the need to upskill more women as bakers so that they can see this as a means to enhance their earnings given that women form approximately half of the population and are the bedrock for families and societal wellbeing.

As the One of the Largest Flour Milling Operation across Africa…CFM operates in an industry where most consumer-focused initiatives till date have been targeted mainly at the Master baker’s association (AMBCN) which is the largest umbrella body for bread bakers and predominantly comprised of men. We found an opportunity in the Cake Baking segment and, as an area sufficiently dominated by women where we can make a significant positive impact.

We will work with women groups to share information in the areas of women and family health as well as child education. We will also bring in experts periodically to talk about these topics (via webinars) and address members questions and concerns. Other areas that are of general interest to women will be added as we go along.

As improvement of knowledge and skillsets is vital for continued survival of SMEs in any industry, this is no different for cake bakers. As such, one of the key interventions we are making with our CFA initiative is to give free cake baking training to female cake bakers at our CFM baking academy.

This is the beginning of what we believe will be a new and exciting journey and we trust that this altruistic women’s initiative will be impactful on women bakers across Nigeria.

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