Bread, baked from Wheat flour, is one of the most popular staple foods in Nigeria. To satisfy the growing needs of manufacturers of flour based products, our team works closely with different bakeries undertaking product trials and listening to consumer feedback which forms a crucial input into our product development. We tailor-make products that meet their specific industry and in some cases, regional requirements.

Flour is the core of our portfolio and is made available to bakeries across Nigeria through our reliable distribution network. Our flagship brands are Mama Gold, Mix & Bake, Supreme, Crown, Bua and Dangote.

mama gold flour

Mama Gold Flour

Mama Gold is the multiple award winning, top of the range, premium flour brand that is available across multiple markets. The consistency of its quality and performance over a number of years has earned it a reputation for being ‘the most trusted flour brand’. Made from premium quality wheat in a carefully monitored process that ensures consistent delivery of highest water absorption, highest yield and best oven spring, it is the first choice of premium bakers that want to produce the highest quality products. And, because the value of its incremental yield more than outweighs its price premium, it is also the best option for bakers who are particular about getting high yields.

Available in 50kg bags and is suitable for all forms of flour use

mama gold flour

Mix & Bake Superb Flour

Mix & Bake is our best-in-class economy flour. Made from carefully selected high quality wheat in a carefully monitored process that ensure consistent high performance in water absorption, yield and oven spring, it is the best choice for bakers looking for high performance at a relatively small price premium. Furthermore, because it is also available in 25kg bag size, it is the affordable option for small scale enterprises that cannot afford to make the one-off purchase of a 50kg bag.

Available in 50kg and 25kg bags and is suitable for all forms of flour use

mama gold flour

Bakewell Flour

Bakewell is our top rated value brand. Its special recipe was developed with both performance and cost consideration in mind. And because it delivers very good performance at a substantial price discount, it has been the perfect choice for value conscious bakers.

Available in 50kg bags and is suitable for all forms of flour use

mama gold flour

Supreme Lite Flour

Supreme Lite is the perfect flour for confectioners who make fried products. Made specially for fried products such as chinchin, puffpuff, samosa and spring rolls, it has the unique property of absorbing the least oil during frying when compared with any other flour in the market. And because confections made with Supreme Lite consume less oil during frying, confectioners save a lot of money on oil. On top, confections made with Supreme Lite are also healthier for consumption due to its lower oil content.

Available in 50kg bags and is suitable for all types of fried products and confectioneries.


mama gold flour

BUA Premium Flour & Crown Premium Flour

These are our household flour brands. Recipe is specially formulated to ensure consumers get the best results in yield, taste and colour for their ethnic snacks such as Danwaki and homemade pasta. They are easy to work manually while still ensuring best results are achieved.

Available in 50kg bags and suitable for all forms of small business and in-home cooking, frying and baking.

mama gold flour

Dangote Bread Flour

Dangote Bread Flour is a high-quality wheat-based flour ideal for large bakeries and patisseries. This variant is for professional bakers desiring quality raw materials to deliver premium tasting bread and baked goods. Using Dangote Bread Flour clearly brings out the user’s mastery in the art of baking. It is available in 50kg.

Bake with Dangote Flour. Dangote Flour… Bakers’ Delight


mama gold flour

Dangote All Purpose Flour

Dangote All Purpose Flour is a high-quality flour which is a bargain compared to Bread flour. It is ideal for confectioners seeking value for money flour for baked goods such as cakes, puff puff, meat pie, donuts etc.

For so much more product variety, Dangote All Purpose Flour’s great quality makes a difference.

Bake with quality Flour. Dangote Flour … Bakers’ Delight.

mama gold flour

Dangote Confectionery Flour

Dangote Confectionery Flour is milled from high quality wheat for bakers desiring good quality bread and confectionery products such as cookies, meat pies. It can also be used by food processing companies making baked goods.

Dangote Confectionery flour is ideal for sustained profits as it offers a very good value for money.

Dangote Flour… Bakers’ Delight.