Who is a Supercharger?⚡⚡

A supercharger is an Olam Agri employee who has demonstrated all or majority of the following characteristics.

S- Simplifies Processes and suggests easier ways of getting things done.

U- Understands his/her job and contributes to the overall business success.

P- is a consistently high Performer and demonstrates Problem – Solving skills.

E- is an Exemplary coach and mentor to people around him/her.

R- is a Role model of Olam Agri’s values.

C- is Creative at executing their job.

H- Offers Help to others and asks for help when in need.

A- Demonstrates a high level of integrity and is Accountable for his/her actions.

R- Demonstrates exceptional courtesy and is Responsive in dealing with internal and/or external customers.

G- Has a Growth Mindset and is ready to take new learnings.

E- Generates and promotes positive Energy amongst their team(s).

R- Treats others respectfully and assumes good intentions even under challenging circumstances.

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