Presentation of Educational Grant to the First Batch of Qualified Students Under the Seeds for the Future Educational Grant Programme

Olam Agri in Nigeria is pleased to announce the successful presentation of educational grants to the first batch of qualified students under the Seeds for the Future Educational Grant programme.


Launched in November 2022, the grant aims to support academic pursuits, fast-tracking learning, and excellence among tertiary institution students with the long-term goal to impact national productivity positively.
The support framework is awarded based on merit, following a rigorous process emphasizing fairness, transparency, and independent audit. This process covers the application, shortlisting, and final selection stages.
The initial beneficiaries include 15 students from various departments at the University of Lagos. Notable recipients include Uvere Franca and Ihejiamatu Anthony from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Oyibo Ufedo-Ojo and Olaloko Olamide from the Department of Civil Engineering, and Bamigbose Joseph and Adeniran Ridwanullah from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, among others.
Commenting on the education grants presentation, Ashish Pande who was represented at the event, said, “We recognize that the private sector has a key role to play to collaborate to drive sustainable economic growth. In line with the Federal Government’s economic development agenda, we are glad to be investing in bright and hardworking students who are in the best position to deliver the innovation and inputs that will drive the economy in the nearest future.”
Bolaji Anifowose Vice President Commercial, Crown Flour Mill delivered an inspiring message to the students: “Your choices and actions with these resources will directly shape your future. Always strive to be the best, regardless of the available resources.”

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