Ashish Pande at the Business Day CEO Conference 2023

In any country, government policies can be a catalyst or a bane to economic growth or development.

Hence, a panel discussion held at the CEO’s conference at BusinessDay, titled, “The Impact of Government Policies and Regulations on Businesses in Nigeria.”

Panelists included the Founder/CEO, Chair Centre Group, Mrs. Ibukun Awosika, CEO Access Bank Holdings, Mr. Herbert Wigwe, Group Managing Director/CEO, UTM Offshore Limited, Julius Rone and MD/CEO Olam Agri, Mr. Ashish Pande.

Our Country Head, Ashish Pande, spoke on the supporting policies that have helped Olam Agri grow and transform the agricultural sector in Nigeria over the last 30 years, across various value chains & panelists stressed on how important it was to have a business-friendly regulatory environment in Nigeria.

What are your thoughts about Government policies, being a catalyst for business growth in Nigeria? Tell us in the comments section.